Professional Solutions

Professional Solutions

Since 1890's, Alshaya Enterprises™ has provided the finest commercial equipment to a variety of industries, with unmatchable quality in services and solutions. Over the decades, we have steadily built a reputation for professionalism, reliability and competitiveness.

From our humble beginnings in Kuwait, supplying material to the burgeoning construction trade, we have grown rapidly. Along the way, we helped pioneer niche industry sectors, and grew to keep pace with the ever-expanding demands of our clients. Today, we are an industry leader, with operations across four of the largest markets in the Gulf. We serve business great and small, in industries that range from construction to retail, supermarkets to hospitality and everything in between. We spare no effort in our quest to better serve our customers. Our portfolio of commercial equipment includes many of the industry’s most-trusted brands. In addition, a staff of dedicated customer service representatives are on hand to ensure our customers’ needs are always comprehensively met.








"Seven Decades of Success Through Partnership"