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Innovation, research, quality and variety are the values that have always defined the excellent range of products brought by Alshaya Enterprises™ Marble Division. Founded to service a stagnant market, with a fresh drive and a trusted reputation, it has come to be well-known as a point of reference for high-quality marble solutions.

Eclecticism and an appreciation of projects coming from different cultural histories blend together with Alshaya's personality to showcase their unique lines, complementing their formal elegance and brilliant finish.

We invite you to experience the majestic new world that Alshaya Enterprises™ Marble Division has brought specifically for you, to transform your space into a true masterpiece that stands the test of time. For centuries, marble has been the hallmark of luxury and quality. Today, Alshaya Marble has brought this timeless material into the 21st century, adding value through choice, quality and impeccable service.

We provide high quality custom stone products, marble, onyx and granites for walls, floors, kitchen countertops, bathroom floor, cladding and more. Our materials and premium, finished products are sourced from the renowned European quarries synonymous with luxury.

Our professional team is dedicated to maintaining a high level of workmanship and has successfully completed many projects over the years. In addition to excellent customer service, we offer design consultation tailored to your individual needs. Alshaya's Marble's exceptional range can help make your space as unique, classical and elegant as it can possibly be. Imparting the gravitas of antiquity, marble can transform any space, creating a sense of grandeur and refinement.

To view our beautiful marble, visit us at Tiles & More.

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