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The floor is an important design element in a room. And with the right wood species, colors and finishes, the floor can create a strong identity in any room. We can deliver your wooden floor in a vast number of wood species, colors, textures and thicknesses. We provide different floors collection. However, some of the important ones are the ORIGINAL, LUXURY and DESIGN – each with its own individual expression. The quality will always be the basis for a beautiful and durable result. 
Straightforward authenticity, light and timeless comfort are keys to ORIGINAL COLLECTION of Nordic hardwoods, beech, ash and oak. These woods blend into classic interiors with natural ease, earned through generations of familiar service. Yet their understated, soft composure equally serves as a pleasing complement to the sharper lines of modern architecture. These floors are classic and confident and will enhance any interior style with their unaffected naturalness.
 As for the LUXURY COLLECTION, you can indulge in a world of select woods, sumptuous dark tones and a through-and-through elegant feel. The warm hues and lavish extra plank widths will add unflustered weight to any room, yet carry it in their own right. White walls and ceilings rise from the floor. Furniture becomes an added bonus.
The DESIGN COLLECTION gives you the ultimate design freedom to create a floor which completes your personal design vision and amplifies the total experience of your living space. Delve into the possibilities and bring your floor into play with a surprising finish, glow, surface reflection, texture, tone or color.

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